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We provide excellent quality linoleum floorings that complement your taste. We, of course, are after your satisfaction when it comes to the craftsmanship, overall design of your floor, and labor costs. We can offer you a bunch of designs of various linoleum materials, and we delegate them to our manufacture after you have finalized your choice. We offer affordable pricing and discounts when it comes to the actual installation of your floor. If you’re browsing high-quality linoleum products around Seattle, Linoleum flooring Seattle can be of service.


The linoleum floor is a tough flooring material; even if exposed to continuous foot traffic, it still retains its shape and also has a cushioning purpose that is safe for the elderly. Homeowners are still choosing linoleum despite the era it belongs to. Often they provide a throwback effect and are sought-after by DIY homeowners. The materials are eco-friendly and are renewable. Flooring linoleum WA incorporates a protective layer to the linoleum for longer-lasting protection from the sunlight and protection from scratches. For linoleums that don’t have a coating, regular cleaning and waxing must maintain their sparkle.odern floor.

Linoleum Flooring Seattle

In this day and age, many homeowners still get confused regarding vinyl and linoleum. Some would think they’re the same, but it’s the other way around. Both floors have a long life span and can withstand heavy traffic and, at the same time, resistant to water. Homeowners don’t have to worry about maintenance because both are not difficult to clean. Vinyl has the upper hand when it comes to functionality and flexibility. But in this day and age, linoleum is making a comeback because of the classic look it presents to the modern
Any type of flooring has a chip in its armor. Just like linoleum floors, you have to know their strengths and weaknesses to make your flooring last longer than it has to. Linoleum flooring Seattle has compiled the list of the good and the bad for linoleum floorings.


You already know that linoleum floorings can withstand heavy traffic and can last up to 25 years, but if homeowners can clean and maintain, it can even last until 45 years. You don’t have to worry about disposing of your linoleum floorings once they wear away. Because linoleum flooring is a bio-degradable material, it safe to end up in a landfill. In addition, it can be a source of toxic-free fuel. People with asthma or allergies have nothing to worry about because linoleum floors ward off allergens. When it comes to installing linoleum floors, there is no need for an extensive background required. However, if you’re talking about sheet linoleum floor, this will require professional touch such as Linoleum floor Seattle due to the its complex nature.

Linoleum floors are easily punctured by sharp objects, furniture legs, and even high heels. Homeowners have to watch out for these. Another thing homeowner would have to think about is exposure of the linoleum floor to sunlight, because overtime, they would change in color making the aesthetic value look less. If installed incorrectly, linoleum floors might be at risk for water damage. Linoleum flooring costs much more compared to laminated and vinyl flooring.

Given the following information, homeowners will now have an idea on how to better take care of linoleum flooring. So it is advisable for a flooring installation expert to do the job.

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With all the types out in the market, you need to know what matches your style. If you’re looking for a classic and sophisticated look, then linoleum flooring is the way to go. Our team of professionals can provide homeowners the needed service. We very much guarantee a transparent transaction because we don’t have any hidden charges. If you want to bring a vintage look for your floors, call Linoleum floor Seattle.